Arkansas School Choice Law That Uses Race To Determine Transfer Eligibility Rejected By Judge

When did this school thing get so complex. I remember (I grow up in Louisiana) understanding that private schools can get partial aid from the state for basic courses like reading, writing, math and science.

I just think they are testing the kids too much. If they want to test the kids break it up into parts. I don’t have any kids myself but my sisters’ kid are stressed out by these test.

I don’t think our kids are dumber they just can’t live up to the all or nothing one time test they are given. I don’t know if I could pass school now.

My parents sent me to public school to be diverse. The world is diverse and our nation is based on diversity. That makes it public. If you don’t want public you have to pay additional.

“White flight” has destroyed this nation. Now conservatism is hammering the nails in the coffin. What is next, a wall to keep the different from mixing.

God is not happy with us now.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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