Why Are There Gay Men? Because Women Who Inherit ‘Gay Genes’ Have More Kids, Scientists Say

I always believed there was a population equation to homosexuality. Good old mother nature.

Males are less picky and will have sex with more types of women than would females with different types of men. If women are more attracted to males then more male needles (pun intended) will point to that women and then that female will have more offspring. Is that what I read?

Is this more of a natural selection competition or more based on the general population’s needs? Will there be more homosexuals during high population explosions (if so does that mean there will be more homosexuals in the future as the world overpopulates) or when their are less fertile males? Or both or all of these choices? So much more to learn and explore?

So, if mother nature needs to lower the birth rate, is that the reason for lesbians?

Hard to get a handle on the concept as it is explain in the article. It can get complex. Or it may just be me?
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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