Social Security Disability Enrollment Rising Due To Demographic Trends, Not Obama ‘Slavery’ Plot: CBO

It is not easy to get DI.

I had to apply because my boss told me that she would have to fire me because I couldn’t do the work anymore. I have a genetic hyper-autoimmune disease. Its a weird hidden disability that puts your body in constant inflammation from head to toes.

Its been almost 18 months since I applied and still wanting for the appeal judgement. It is not easy to get DI. All my savings and investments have been cashed out, I am living on the graces of family and friends.

These people are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe if West would have gotten injured during his war service, he would understand. What does he think of the veterans that he serve with who lose a limb. Any love for them.

Its not slavery, its a safety net. I paid into it for over 20 years. My grandfather had to quiet the army because of the same thing. If I have a disability, I deserve my benefits. My health is not a political ball. People need to go vote and take these whacks out of office.
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