Pastors Protest Hobby Lobby Birth Control Fight In Oklahoma

-Bible is Pro-choice, fundamentalist should be too!
“Exodus 21:22-25 describes a case where a pregnant woman jumps into a fight between her husband and another man and suffers injuries that cause her to miscarry. Injuries to the woman prompt the normal penalties for harming another human being: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. Killing the woman is murder, a capital crime.”
“The miscarriage is treated differently, however — as property loss, not murder. The assailant must pay a fine to the husband. The law of a life for a life does not apply. The fetus is important, but it’s not human life in the same way the pregnant woman is.”
“The moral view that underlies Roe v. Wade — that a line is crossed when a fetus becomes “viable” — seems most plausible, morally defensible, and consistent with the spirit of the biblical view.”
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