Kirsten Gillibrand Makes Emotional Plea To Preserve Food Stamps

They prefer to spend their money on super pacs! All that money worsted when they can feed the hungry. Jesus will deal with them when they beg to get to heaven.
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Defense Of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional By Another Federal Judge

I always thought you can argue that it is “gender” discrimination. Its because I am a man I can not marry a man. Or if I am a woman I can not mary a woman. I believe it is that simple an argument. Don’t have to fight the gay rights discrimination with anymore complexity.
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Jon Stewart Criticizes Bloomberg’s New York Soda Ban (VIDEO)

Love THE DAILY SHOW. As a NYC resident, I think they should do what they did with the calories on menus. Its very reviling seeing the true calories of your value deal. Banning may go too far. The only reason I buy a 20 oz soda at the c-store is because I can put a lid on it. The sizes below 20 oz only come in cans. Maybe forcing them to offer a 12 or 16 oz bottle would go far.
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